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Cost of Living

Canadian expenses are cost-effective when compared to many other countries, as most of the universities there are government funded. The cost of living might slightly vary from town to town, and the average living expenses are approximately CAD$10,700/year. Cost of Living varies per location and typically its CAD$ 600 in most of Canadian cities expect urban locations like Toronto and Vancouver where its around CAD$1000 per month. 

On top of the affordable cost of living, Canadian Government allows University students to work even while pursuing their education. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s (CBIE) 2018 International Student Survey, 93% of students say that they are happy with their educational experience in Canada. The universities help students financially by allowing them to work at the campus for 20hour/week. Students who are pursuing any full-time program are eligible to work 20hours/week off-campus during the semester and can work for full time during their breaks. The income earned through part-time jobs can be helpful in paying off all your living expenses, thus lessening the financial burden on your education.

Tuition Cost

Your tuition fee is calculated based on your residency status, calendar year of study, and the course you are enrolled in. The average tuition fee for an undergraduate program is approximately CAD $ 30,000/year. The tuition fee for graduate programs ranges from CAD $26,000 to CAD $40,000 and some of the top Universities’ tuition fees go up to CAD $ 50000. Tuition fees vary depending on Individual Universities, and the duration of the course. Some of the top universities have a very high tuition fee structure when compared to other universities.

Tuition at Colleges for Diploma and Postgraduate Diplomas ranges from CAD $ 15000-1700 per year.

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