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Post Visa Services

Unlike many other consultancies, our services don’t just end at your Visa guidance but extend to a lifetime. We stand by you throughout your journey and make sure that your study abroad journey experience is smooth and swift with us. It is common that while flying abroad for your studies, the immigration rules and the port of entry could be a little confusing, at times. In order to avoid this confusion of yours, we will guide you throughout your pre-departure processes, and make sure that you face no inconvenience.


To make things a little easy for you, we provide all the necessary details that are required while your immigration. During your pre-departure process, you might be asked for immunization and health forms, and it is important for you to fill these forms and be ready with them, just to avoid some trouble. Sometimes, filling these forms could be a little tricky, and get complex while filling, which is why we offer help in filling your immunization and health forms.


When you study abroad, it is important for you to have Health insurance, so you need to purchase health insurance priorly, to avoid any hassle. As many students do not know where to purchase and how to purchase health insurance, they tend to get confused and become clueless. To avoid such inconvenience, we provide guidance and help you in your health insurance purchase. At i20fever, we understand the importance of having contact with alumni or current students who are studying in your university, which is why we extended our help into connecting you to our alumni and current students of your university. We also assist you in your roommate search and provide you with accommodation assistance. After you reach abroad, we will assist in your airport pickup to help you have an effortless experience.

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