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Financial Counselling

In your study abroad process checklist, Finances hold a pivotal role. A student planning to study abroad needs to have all the necessary financial documents and certificates ready from the beginning, as the financial documents are required in both university selection and in the visa process, hence, it is important to have your finances clear and be ready with them. As there are a number of financial documents involved to be submitted, it gets complex for a student to research all the documents that are required and fill them, and a single mistake in filling these documents could ruin your study abroad dream.

In order to to avoid such problems, we provide guidance for your finances and help you in filling any required documents and help you get a step closer to your dreams. During your visa interview, you’ll be asked a series of questions on your financial documents, and how are you planning to meet your tuition fee and living expenses over there, for which you need to answer accurately and should be able to explain all your financial documents. Failing to do so, could lead to your Visa rejection. At i20fever, our team works extensively and strives their best to help you achieve your study abroad dreams, which is why our dedicated team will provide you with financial counselling and assist you in presenting your family funds, and trains you well for your Visa interview. 

Our team evaluates your family finances thoroughly and provides you with advice, if required. We also tell you if any improvisations are needed in your financial documents like an additional sponsor, liquidating provident fund to savings. We work with Nationalized banks, private financial institutions and private banks, and we will help you with bank loan assistance, as well as assist you to get an educational loan.

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