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Admission Counselling

The first step to the study abroad dream is collecting all the required information that could help you land in your dream university. It is important to have all the necessary information from a reliable source, as only the right information opens the gate to your dream university. Sometimes, gathering all the data could be troublesome and demands a lot of time and effort to put into it, which is why we decided to provide students with reliable information and extensive admission counselling to make their study abroad journey smooth and swift from the very beginning. 

We at i20fever help students study at their dream university by providing them with all the necessary information and the support needed. First, We evaluate your profile based on your interests, choice of course and requirements, and suggest you with the list of best universities, along with the courses that you’re eligible for. To minimize your struggle, we do all the groundwork that is required for you to study at your desired university, and provide you with all the guidance and support needed throughout your journey. Our counsellors, who are experts in their fields take immense pride in helping you and work extensively to make things easy by sorting out the right country for your choice of course and selecting the best university among all the universities in that country, based on your profile and interests.

After your profile evaluation, we help you shortlist the best universities and shall list out all the documents, forms and applications that are required to get an admit in a top university and help you in filling these documents. Also, we provide you with all the details about financial applications such as, the amount that incurs for individual applications, registrations for each university, and provide you with financial counselling for i20 Document/CAS/eCOE/ after applying for a university.

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