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How Can We Best Help You?

Our services are directed towards helping you find a middle ground between dream and reality, between what you want and what you need.

Every student is unique. So i20fever handholds and guides every student while they try to solve the goal-interest-ability-economics puzzle.

Deciding to study abroad entails accepting to fill a large number of forms and applications. We can help you spill the right amount of ink.

In your study abroad process checklist, Finances hold a pivotal role. A student planning to study abroad needs to have all the necessary financial

Studying abroad comes with many financial queries, but our expert guidance can turn your queries into stepping stones to success.

Unlike many other consultancies, our services don’t just end at your Visa guidance but extend to a lifetime.

We are in this with you. For any information and guidance that you need even once you step onto foreign soil, we’ll be there.