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6 Reasons Why Indians Want To Study In USA

Studying abroad will help you get exposure to different cultures and multiple perspectives, which could help you to stay ahead of the students who opted to study at local universities. The other reason is, the international degree has global recognition which will increase your chances of getting a job and help in your success. Having an International degree also tells that you have grown and succeeded outside your comfort zone. Apart from these advantages, studying abroad will help grow your vocabulary and improve your language skills, which could be helpful in many ways in your life.

When planning to study abroad it is important to know which college suits best for your course of interest. According to the latest report by the QS university rankings, the United States is a leading country for quality education, being home to 7 of the top 10 universities in the world. U.S.A offers multiple options to choose from, as per your academic and cultural preferences. Here are a few reasons why Indians want to study in the USA.

World-Renowned Universities

One of the main reasons to study in the United States is the country’s reputation for its renowned Universities and its course programs. U.S.A boasts of some of the top universities in the world with over 4000 universities across the country and with approximately 50% of the world’s top 50 universities. American Universities are well-funded and are supported by the Government, which help them have high academic standards and rigorous requirements that help student education. United States degrees are recognized and accepted internationally for their excellence, which will distinguish you from your peers who studied at local universities. 

Brilliant Research Opportunities

If you are interested in academic research then the United States is the right choice for your higher education. The Universities in the United States offer multiple research and training opportunities to students at the graduate level. The abundant resources available provides students with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and great infrastructure to conduct research. The Universities offer students with teaching assistantships near professors, to help fund their education and also enhance their skill set. Funding and grants for most research projects are received from either the federal government or multinational corporations in the industry. Students can also help assist professors with research on various projects, which gives them an opportunity to work with the best in their chosen field of study. 

Academic pliability

The U.S higher education system offers flexibility in the choice of courses based on students needs and interests. It allows students to specialize in the area of their choice without having to take any unnecessary classes. Since some of the courses are offered multiple times in an academic year, students get the flexibility to choose a class at any time during the academic year. At the undergraduate level, students have the flexibility to choose different courses before they decide on their choice of major. This allows students with time and options to explore their interests. If a student has already decided about what they want to study, they can still choose to study another subject and complete a “double major”, i.e. a degree in two subjects within the normal four years of study. At the graduate level, i.e. master’s degree, students can customize their course according to the coursework that fit their academic goals. 

Career Opportunities

Studying abroad in the United States will give you an advantage once you enter the job market. An international degree will open up a wide range of career opportunities and a degree from reputed university extends the opportunities even further. While in college, Interacting with a diverse range of people will enhance your communication skills and help you analyse issues from a global perspective. These qualities help widen the career path that the student chooses and help increase the chances of getting a job, as it is known that international companies look for candidates that offer them with a different take or perspective on their products.

Optimized Classroom Experiences

The United States is leading in technological advancement. As technology plays a major role in research and development, American universities have made sure, they keep in step with the advanced facilities. Universities are trying to help students by introducing new methods and skills to the learning curve, by providing students with more access to web-based classes, utilising computer-based tests, and allowing students to use different labs and resources. These advanced capabilities and access to all kinds of resources help students grow and enhance their skills.

American Culture and Campus Life

The United States has always welcomed a multicultural environment. Although you might experience a cultural shock at the beginning, you’ll soon imbibe it. It is often said that once a student sets foot on American soil, they start adapting to the culture of the U.S. Studying in the U.S will provide you with a lot of opportunities to explore and learn about different cultures. During your stay in the United States you may also gain essential life skills such as communication and social skills. The life at universities is not just about classes and tutorials, but an extension to your personality. Most universities are equipped with international student offices, where the staff and the faculty members ensure better support and guidance to international students. 

Parting Shot

It is said that the United States of America is a land of dreams and opportunities. The USA has enchantment and is always able to attract talented students. Studying abroad in an American university will help in the growth of academic, professional and personal life, and open up to an infinite number of career opportunities after graduation. It is no wonder that the United States has one of the world’s largest international student population, with an international student population of about 1 million.