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Having navigated the maze of studying abroad themselves, the founder of i20fever decided to make it their business to smoothen the process for others. A team of six members lay the foundation for i20 in 2006 in Hyderabad. In 2007, we helped over 350 students achieve their dream. The number grew to over 10,000 by 2013. During the journey, we came to understand the importance of workshops and education fairs, and so we organized our own world education fairs and workshops to bring students and university representatives on a single platform where they could communicate with one another directly. In 2015, our work was recognized by the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council), who certified our contributions and services. Over the years we continue to learn, adapt, update and evolve with an unequivocal goal to help students find that right college. Now, with branches in several cities, expert counsellors and experienced staff, we are a family of more than 18,000 students who are studying across 5 countries.

How and Why i20 Came to be

The founder of i20fever, Naveen Yathapu, and his friends began like any other student – with a dream to study abroad. With nobody to show the way, Naveen spent hours researching the application process in US universities and made notes. Little did they know that the scrapbook they developed would help them build i20fever.

In 2000, the application process at US universities had moved online. Unlike traditional and the then education consultancies, Naveen and his friends, who were keeping track of the application process, were aware of the change. They started applying online. Not only did they manage to get the offer letter early, but also their communication with professors helped most of them get admission to their dream colleges.  

In May 2004, the website for i20fever was launched in its first avatar — as an information hub. In June 2004, Yahoo groups and forums were started, and “i20feverhyderabd” yahoo group had over 5,000 students by 2005. Later,  a strong forum was formed which was moderated by mentors in the USA.

When Naveen started working as a traffic engineer, he realized the gratification he found in helping young and enthusiastic students could not be found in his job. So, he returned to India and turned his avocation into his vocation and thus was born i20fever/ Yathapu Consulting in 2006. As i20fever started to gain recognition, it set up its first office at Vidya Nagar in December 2006 with a team of 6 members

From the Director's Desk

Naveen Yathapu


Hi there,

We are Hyderabad’s most trusted overseas agency for USA.  We specialize in connecting students to great universities that would bring out their hidden talent and are committed to providing the best advice to students planning to study abroad.

We provide end-to-end admission counselling services, from selection of university to help with the paperwork for visa, from education loan to financial counseling. Moreover, our duties do not end once our client joins her university of choice. We believe in working with student at every stage of the journey, including post-visa travel assistance, roommate search and assistance in finding accommodation.

Founded in 2006, we have counselled over 18,500 students, who have gone on to find new lives in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland. The experience has helped us develop a ‘knowledge bank’ and form a family who we reach out to every time we take a new student under our wing.

We can proudly call ourselves the best when it comes to studying in the US, given our association with over 100 leading universities in the country. But we are also associated with 150 universities across the world so that out students are never wanting for options.

In the last 14 years, i20fever has set up 8 offices and now has an 80-member family working with a single motto in minds “give our best for students’ success”. We keep abreast with every new change in the education and its affiliated sectors both in India and abroad that helps us customize our service, while at the same time keeping it transparent, easy and relevant.


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