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A Promising Tomorrow

The decision to study abroad can be life-changing. It is not just about leaving home and your family and friends. It is about testing your ability to change and evolve, persevere and adapt. The journey and life abroad expose you to a plethora of experiences and sensations; compel you to meet and interact with peoples from various walks of lives and backgrounds, taste cuisines, and face never-before-seen challenges.  While it may hone an existing ability; it could also open up a side to you that you never knew about. And all the while you are studying, travelling and making friends, you are also paving the way to your goal.

Studying in a university, which is globally recognized and respected, widens the pool of opportunities for you. The right university and the right course that befits your abilities can not only bring out the best in you but also equip you with the best practices. As it is said, the world becomes your oyster. Once you are armed with the degree, experience and knowledge, the world becomes a fair of opportunities unrestrained by geography. After all, even if the media across the world continue their editorial blitzkrieg on joblessness, there is no dearth of opportunities for the talented and the trained.


This is why we at i20fever understand why picking the right university is so crucial. It is like that soft push to the first dominoes tile in that chain of tiles, which will make up your life. This is why we at i20fever have been working constantly to help our students in their journey. Our counsellors who are experts in providing career guidance will help you throughout the journey, starting from admission counselling to connecting you to the current and alumni students and even beyond that.

We at i20fever promise a better tomorrow.