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Why USA?

The USA is considered as the go-to destination for education because of its world-renowned universities with a top-quality education system, and a variety of cultures the country has to offer. In most of the universities, the average class size is 15-20 students, which enables every student to attain individual attention and help them gain more practical oriented knowledge. 

As it is a technology leader and the centre for excellence for the day to day innovative and leading-edge technologies, it provides students with many opportunities to work with the best technology companies in the world. For students who are ardent about research, USA is considered as the best place to study, as it has research-oriented education with a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs to study.  In the USA, students have the flexibility to choose courses from other majors/departments according to their interests. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Programs have 3 years of optional practical training (OPT) i.e, one could opt for 12 months plus 24 months of extension to stay back after masters.

Earn While You Learn

Most of the universities in the country provide students with opportunities to earn while they learn by granting them assistantships within the campus, which helps students learn the skills and gain the practical knowledge that is often missing in the theoretical classes.
USA degree being a Globally Recognized degree, students can earn quite handsomely even after they learn by getting placed in some of the world’s best companies.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in USA

How it’s like in the USA

USA is said to be the best place to Live, Learn and grow, as people there are individualistic, and are passionate and practical about what they do. USA hosts the most international students in the world. It is said that 35% of the country’s students come across the world to study in the USA, which creates a multicultural environment. Within the Universities, there are many student organizations, technical clubs, events and other extracurricular activities to help students develop their interpersonal skills, and expand their horizons. The university campuses are safe and encourage students to live independently, which, in turn, empowers students to face new experiences which helps facilitate their growth.

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