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Why Canada?

Canada has the finest quality of education and the universities are all equipped with cutting-edge technologies, to ensure that the students are up to date with the latest technology. Canadian Education system is currently leading in the fields of Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Engineering and Finance, which is of no surprise to many because the Canadian Government believes in the ability of education to change the country, and therefore spends more per capita on its education system than any other country. Their Universities and colleges are world-renowned for their excellence, diverse culture, sophisticated labs and classrooms, and are more affordable compared to their peer universities in other countries, which is quite the addition to an already lhuge list of reasons why students prefer Canada as their study abroad destination.

With a degree that is globally recognized along with being a world leader in information technology, telecommunications, biotechnology and environment industries, Canada brings ample career opportunities to its students and their universities do not just provide students with quality education, but also, encourage them to take part in international exchanges, co-operative work experience programs, extra-curricular activities and athletics, which help them grow as an individual. Besides, their government offers great support to students who continue to research. For those who want to work there, Canada allows students to stay and work for up to 3 years even after graduation. 

The World Happiness Report states Canada as the 9th happiest place in the world to live, which can majorly be attributed to their world renowned politeness. A wonderful country with diverse cultures and scenic nature, Canada has proven time and again why it’s one of the best countries to study in.

Canada’s Environment

Canada is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Latest ranking of safest countries in the world by Global Peace Index, places Canada at 6th in the world. Their government is of a democratic nature and protects the fundamental rights and freedom of every individual who stays in the country, under the ‘Canadian charter of rights and freedom’ law.

Canadians are very friendly and welcoming, which makes one feel at home. Canada has a diverse culture, as they have immigrants from across the world living in the country, constituting one-fifth of its population. As there are people from around the globe, one may find many languages spoken there, making one not feel isolated.

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