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New visa rules starting from 16th November 2019 allows international students to avail post study work visa up to 4 years. This confers right to international students to live up to 4 years in Australia after completion of bachelors or masters in regional universities. Few major cities like Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Macquarie etc offer additional one-year PSWV (Total 3 Years). New Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) Norms

  • 2 Years PSWV, If Student studies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
  • 3 Years PSWV, If Student studies in Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Hobart, Geelong, Sunshine Coast
  • 4 Years PWSV, if Student studies in Darwin, Rockhampton, Goldstone, Toowoomba, Bendigo, Cairns

With this new 485 post study work visa, you will have more time to live in the country which  gives you more time to plan your career in a better way.

There are three factors to keep in mind when you finish your education in Australia

  • Given the reputation of Australian universities abroad, their degrees and certificates are recognized across the world. So, once you are equipped with the necessary degrees and skills you could apply for work anywhere in the world.
  • If you wish to return to your home country to work, besides your degree being recognized, companies will take into account that you have grit, experience, mettle and are open-minded. To move out of one’ comfort zone, acclimatize in another setup and then excel at the work at hand takes effort and most companies recognize that.
  • If you wish to stay back in Australia then there are two options, either you pick a visa from the website of ministry of home affairs, depending on the time you want to spend and the kind of work you want to do (Australia has a large market for skilled labour) or apply for permanent residency.

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