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Visa Guidance

The final step to your study abroad dream is getting the visa approved, as Visa serves as a bridge between you and your dream university. We know how worrisome a Visa interview could be, as many students fail to get their visa approved even after getting an admission in a good college and having all their finances clear. It is often observed that even when a student gives his interview well, his/her visa gets rejected, and as the Visa interview panel does not give the reasons for rejecting, it gets difficult for a student to understand where he/she went wrong. 

To make things easy for you, our specialized teams has worked extensively and realized the gaps present, and to increase your chances of Visa approval and help you study abroad, our team has drafted an extensive training plan to fill those gaps, train you well for your Visa interview and help you study in your dream college. In a Visa interview, presentation of your family funds is very important and could be critical, which is why we give you a heads up by providing you with financial counselling to help you answer well, and increase the chances of your Visa approval. 

We conduct mock visa interviews, which are designed in a view to provide you with the real feel of a visa interview and help you boost your confidence levels. In our mock visa interviews, we assess you in detail and provide you with the information on where to improve and how to improve and guide you in cracking your Visa. Also, we help you in online Visa application, filling the required forms and provide you with a financial overview of the documents required. At i20fever, we give a high priority for Visa guidance, and train students extensively to help them crack their Visa interview and achieve their study abroad dream.

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