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University Selection

We know how important it is to select the right university for your education. We understood the challenges you face in selecting the best university from among the list of many top universities,  and so, we have decided to come forward to guide you select the right university by providing you with the comprehensive information of over 400+ universities. 

Our counsellors are trained by university staff and hold Global exposure with more than 12 years of industrial experience, and are driven by the motivation to help you study at your dream university.

Our expert-counsellors analyze your profile according to your choice of major or program selection for your education and provide you with a customized top university selection list, based on the location of the university, tuition fee that incurs, the course work and helps you select best universities which provide you with the good chances of scholarship and assistantship. After shortlisting a few best universities, we then optimize the shortlisted universities based on your profile and provide you with the best of the best universities and help you in applying for the desired universities.

Country Selection and Program Selection

To select a country and the desired program in the top universities, we consider various factors and follow various methods to help you get into your dream university. We identify if a country suits you best or not, based on your profile, program selection, financial capabilities and your Interest. Adding to the country selection, we provide you with the advantages that a country holds and provide you with a comparison report of various countries. Also, we will help you select the best location in that country based on your choice of course and provide you with the details of nearby cities, the employment opportunities available and the latest technologies that are being used there.

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