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    Who is i20fever

    i20fever is a Hyderabad-based global education consultancy. Over 14 years and 18,000 students later, we believe we know what you are looking for. As founders, who have studied abroad, we know what the road ahead is like and the impact your choice will have on your future. i20fever, with its team of experienced counsellors trained by partnered universities and a studied understanding of every step involved in the process strives to ensure that your journey is smooth and a step in the right direction. 

    Our Approach
    With a clear understanding that the work we do has a direct impact on the career trajectory of a student, everyone at i20 takes immense care in every little thing we do.
    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to be the one-stop solution for any student wanting to study abroad. And to make that experience as effortless and meaningful as possible, even if that means more man hours from us.



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    Our services are directed towards helping you find a middle ground between dream and reality, between what you want and what you need.

    Every student is unique. So i20fever handholds and guides every student while they try to solve the goal-interest-ability-economics puzzle.

    Deciding to study abroad entails accepting to fill a large number of forms and applications. We can help you spill the right amount of ink.

    Studying abroad comes with many financial queries, but our expert guidance can turn your queries into stepping stones to success.

    The final step to your dream college is often the toughest and the trickiest, but not on our watch.

    We are in this with you. For any information and guidance that you need even once you step onto foreign soil, we’ll be there.

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    Our numbers will tell you that we have helped over 18,000 students realise their dreams, but we
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    Common Study Abroad Questions

    In general, most countries would ask for academic scores and English language exams as a requirement at the Graduate and Undergraduate level of education. However, USA universities look for additional SAT/ACT Score for Undergraduate and GRE/GMAT at the Graduate level.

    You also need to demonstrate the availability of funds to the university before getting admission confirmation from universities in USA. Whereas, for other countries like Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland most of the institutions ask for a tuition deposit of at least one-semester fee to get a university acceptance.

    Cost of education in any country varies based on the Course, University Location, and Ranking. 

    In general, programs from medical college will have higher tuition fees compared to an arts college. Similarly, the cost of MBA programs would be higher than in engineering programs. Also, tuition fees for universities with better ranking would be higher than the other universities.

    One cannot generalise on the tuition fee but the average tuition fee in each country is



    $15000 - $ 20000



    CAD $26000 - $40000


    CAD $15000 - $18000


    PS 12000 – 18000


    AUS $20000 - $26000


    Euro 10,000 to 15,000

    Practical oriented approach- The education system in India is broadly based upon classroom sessions and theory. Whereas, education abroad is more practical oriented and keeps students engaged in subjects, which help them become job-ready with the necessary skills. 

    Quality of life-  Foreign universities are equipped with advanced technology, and have students of multiple cultures and languages, along with a quality lifestyle. This gives students higher international prospects and career value.

    Flexibility in education-  Students studying abroad have flexibility to choose their courses and duration of the program in a few countries, and experience more professional freedom. This helps them in decision making and become independent. 

    It’s the Exposure they gain that drives many Indian students to Study Abroad

    Studying abroad has always been a better option for many Indian students. Even though it involves a considerably high amount, most parents prefer to send their children abroad and get them educated in foreign universities. The main reason being

    • Students who pursue masters abroad tend to have better communication skills and better exposure to advanced technologies. This helps them secure better jobs than their counterparts in India as this is what the modern businesses are looking for.
    • Since masters abroad are mostly recognised throughout the world, students who have international masters have better chances of finding an international placement
    • Students pursuing masters abroad would have an opportunity to settle in the same country after completion of their education by doing a decent job.

    It is advisable to have an Educational Advisor, as they have wide knowledge over various career and educational opportunities across different countries. An educational Advisor can help you in the following ways:

    Admission Counselling

    University Selection

    Application Assistance

    Financial Guidance 

    Visa Guidance

    There are various factors to be considered for deciding on a country to studying abroad

    • Major: Student should have a clear idea about the major he wishes to pursue and the available options for him to apply. 
    • Cost of Education: One needs to understand the affordability while choosing a country to study abroad, as not all countries would allow students to work while studying. 
    • Research and Post Masters Opportunities:  One should choose a country based on the research happening in his choice of course and the post-study options available there. For Instance, most of the students looking for Mechanical engineering prospects will opt for Germany.  
    • Post Study Work Visa: Students should have a clear understanding of the Post Study Work Visa options available, as a few countries will not allow students to stay back after their education.
    • Living Conditions: Over and above students should always check with the climatic and living conditions of the region while applying to any country. People with certain health issues are always advised to avoid certain locations.

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